Activism, in this context, refers to visible, non-violent, public disagreement with a situation or policy, often through protests or demonstrations. These actions may be literal or symbolic, and represent individual or collective efforts.  By its very nature, activism is less likely to be tied to a specific organizational structure than most other social change methods.

UCSC offers occasional workshops and skill-building sessions for students interested in pursuing or developing an activist agenda.  We also sponsor conversations with local and national activists on a range of social justice issues.  For upcoming opportunities, follow our Facebook page or subscribe to the UCSC Digest.

Throughout the years, a number of CSRSOs and identity groups on campus have pursued activism both on and off campus in response to issues of pressing concern.  UChicago's long history of activism is outlined on the Office of Civic Engagement's website, and a listing of CSRSOs with regularly-updated contact information can be found here.

Off-campus, there are a number of groups that regularly pursue activism as one of their strategies for influencing social movement on key issues.  For help identifying a group or groups that are engaging in activism around an issue that is important to you, contact the UCSC.