Capacity Building

Capacity Building means providing skills training, infrastructure development, consulting, or other supports to strengthen the capacity of individuals and social change organizations to fulfill their missions.  Sometimes this is referred to as "indirect service," since the efforts of capacity building go to support organizations that do service instead of directly impacting community members in need of services.

At UChicago, the Office of Civic Engagement provides a number of capacity building programs and services, especially through the work of the Community Programs Accelerator.  The Accelerator offers educational workshops, skills trainings, mentorship, and financial support to social impact organizations that serve the mid-South Side.

Students interested in learning more about capacity building might consider enrolling in the college's Campus Catalyst class, in which students work with one or more community organizations to build their capacity as pro-bono consultants while learning about nonprofit development and organization.

Undergraduate and graduate students with Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package can build the capacity of local nonprofits as low-cost employees of those organizations.  To learn more about the University's Community-based Federal Work-Study employment program, contact UCSC Operations Manager and CBFWS Coordinator Cathy Woolfolk.