Civic Match

Want to be a volunteer?

UCSC maintains relationships with more than 250 community organizations around the city of Chicago, and dozens specifically on the South Side.  A principal aspect of our work is helping to connect members of the University community to volunteer opportunities with those organizations.

As part of Civic Match, we offer a volunteer referral service which can help connect students, staff, faculty, and others associated with the University to the city of Chicago broadly and the South Side specifically. During one-on-one conversations, our Civic Match staff learns more about each potential volunteer's interests and then identifies organizations that can benefit from their unique talents and skills. We hope that people will leave their conversation not only with a list of exciting opportunities, but also a better sense of how they can contribute to this dynamic, challenging, and wonderful city.

Please fill out the form here. Our Civic Match staff will be in touch within a week of submission. If you have questions, please contact us at Please note that this form may only be filled out by people over the age of 18.

PLEASE NOTE:  Volunteer Referral is not available during the summer.