Civic Engagement Coffee Chats

Coffee Chat.jpg

As part of its 20th Anniversary Celebration, UCSC will be hosting Civic Engagement Coffee Chats during the school year for students to learn about the various academic and career pathways that UCSC and Office of Civic Engagement staff have taken, enabling them to use staff as a resource and sounding board in their community engagement endeavors. UCSC hopes students will gain inspiration, new insights, and perspectives in their conversations with staff that will inform their own paths.

These informal conversations about education and career choices leading to lifelong service will be held Weeks 4, 6, 8, from 2-4pm, in UCSC's conference room (5525 S. Ellis Ave. Suite 160 - ground floor of the 55th and Ellis parking garage; between Campus North and the Ratner Athletic Center). Come drop by for a chat, enjoy a cup of coffee and some snacks!