Community Education and Advocacy

Community Education and Advocacy refers to the active support of an idea or cause through public and private discourse, including the collection and presentation of evidence to support one's position. 

Within the UCSC, a number of our student social justice education and leadership programs (such as Chicago Bound, Seeds of Justice, and Summer Links) include strong elements of community education, providing a framework and a venue for community leaders to educate UChicago students about their causes and the nature of social issues in Chicago.

A number of CSRSOs also take this model of social change as their primary work, focusing on stimulating and informing conversations about crucial social issues such as education, healthcare, and civil rights.  Some CSRSOs advocate inside the University community, while others have the broader community as their primary audience.

Many of the student identity groups on campus also make heavy use of this model of social change, including those supported by the Center for Identity + Inclusion.

Off-campus, almost every issue imaginable has one or more advocacy groups working hard to educate the general population about their particular cause or perspective.  UCSC maintains partnerships with a wide range of these organizations.  For help contacting an external organization working on your issue or topic of concern, contact the UCSC via