CSRSOs: Community Service Recognized Student Organizations

Community Service Recognized Student Organizations (CSRSOs) provide an opportunity for over 2,000 students at the University of Chicago to engage in experiential and service-learning through community service projects and programs. With over 60 active CSRSOs, there is a project or program for everyone.

Though CSRSOs have strong ties to community partners, they are self-governing student organizations. Many focus on ways to further the work of their partner organizations through collaborative volunteering and programming, while others have developed their own unique programs. All CSRSOs provide some direct service to the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Chicago campus and the city of Chicago at large.

To learn more about CSRSOs on campus, visit blueprint.uchicago.com/organizations, and filter by "Community Service" in the Categories option. 

For more information about CSRSOs and their support, contact Nick Currie, UCSC Assistant Director for Student Leadership & Advising, at ncurrie@uchicago.edu.

Resources for CSRSOs