Students report a wide range of impacts on their UChicago experience as a result of engaging in the life of the city through UCSC.

Icon Bulb 100.png“After Summer Links, I became more interested in issues related to immigration and how that intersects with the other challenges faced by immigrant populations.”

Video Link:  Learn about the Summer Links 10-week social justice education and internship program for a cohort of undergraduates. 

Academic Tie-ins:  84% of students surveyed in 2016 indicated that their engagement with the UCSC either increased or reinforced their understanding both of the inequities that impact Chicago, and also of the kinds of multi-sector collaboration that are necessary to effect meaningful social change.  Anecdotally, students frequently report that their experiences with UCSC raised new questions for them, challenged them to consider new perspectives, or encouraged them to explore new courses or fields of study.

Video Link:  Learn about the Chicago Studies Quarter - 3 academic classes that collaborate with UCSC to help students engage Chicago

Icon Suitcase 100.png“Chicago Bound redefined the trajectory of my college experience. It made me more socially-conscious and affirmed my commitment to a life in public service
                  and public policy.”

Career Exploration:  78% of students surveyed indicated that UCSC helped them understand their own talents and passions better, leading to increasing clarity about their personal path.  Students also indicated that they built valuable career skills like collaboration (83%) and appreciation for diversity (86%) -- some of the very competencies most valued by employers.  In addition, UCSC cohort programs connected students with hundreds of potential mentors with government, educational, not-for-profit, and for-profit organizations citywide.

Video Link:  Learn about the Chicago Bound experience - UCSC and Institute of Politics' pre-orientation introduction to engagement in Chicago

Icon People 100.png“Seeds of Justice has greatly increased and expanded my view of Chicago and led me to challenge my preconceptions and assumptions.”

Community-Building:  UCSC's intensive cohort programs like Seeds of Justice, Summer Links, and Chicago Bound are a great context for students to build community with other civic-minded students.  On a survey of alumni of these programs since 2013, 93% of respondents indicated that one or more of the relationships they formed during their UCSC experience(s) continued to be important to some cases, throughout their entire University careers.

Video Link:  Learn about the Seeds of Justice participants' own words

Icon Hands 100.png“The Volunteer Referral service provided me with a streamlined way to become involved in active and ongoing community service, which I believe has enriched my college experience and provided me with useful perspective on my time at the university.”

Direct Service:  Of course, a principal impact of UCSC's work is engaging students in service to the community.  In a survey of alumni of UCSC programs, 97% indicated that they are still involved in regular community-serving or justice-building activities, with almost half (45%) engaging in such activity as least once a week (and 8% reporting such activity almost every day).  But UCSC also encourages students to reflect on their engagement:  78% of students surveyed indicated that UCSC made them more reflective about their experiences, so as to learn from from and act in accordance with what they'd learned.

Video Link:  Learn about UCSC's newest program, Alternative Spring Break immersions in neighboring communities