UCSC Meal Sharing: Dining with a Purpose

dialogues on social change | building communities | Chicago and beyond

Be a Host button.jpgWHY? UCSC believes in the power of diverse perspectives and dialogues about social change to engage and build stronger communities. We are using the Meal Sharing platform customized for UCSC to connect people to create meaningful and fun Meal Sharing experiences.

WHO?  We welcome all members of the UChicago community and network to participate as Meal Sharing hosts, co-hosts, and guests. (Want to become one of our hosts/co-hosts?  Email UCSC Director Amy Chan for more info!) We strongly encourage co-hosting because it's a lot more fun to share the experience!

Screenshot 2016-11-07 14.35.12.pngWHAT?  Hosts and guests share a home-cooked and catered meal followed by a discussion on social change. Discussions are about the social justice topic for that month or any of the previous months. UCSC gives hosts a guide with 10 suggested discussion questions for the monthly topics.

  • October—Education
  • November—Politics & Government
  • December –Criminal Justice
  • January—Housing & Economic Development
  • February—Labor & Employment
  • March—Identity Justice
  • April—Health & Environment
  • May—Immigration & Racial Justice
  • June—Social Impact

WHERE?  Meals take place in people’s homes in Chicago and beyond. Hosts determine number of guest spots based on size of place.

WHEN?  Hosts post their meals here by the last day of each month for the next month’s meal. Please select meal type as "fundraiser" and note meal as free because guests are asked to donate time, talent, or funds after meals. These meals will ideally take place on the second Saturdays of each month, 6-8:30pm, to have a critical mass. However, hosts are welcome to host a meal at any time or day that month if they so choose and set a 2.5 hr timeframe on the posted meal.

HOW?  Hosts prepare and provide a home-cooked or catered meal as their contribution to UCSC (average of $10/guest). They invite people in their own networks to fill their guest spots. UCSC will open up the rest of the guest spots for the UChicago community (students, staff, faculty, alumni) on a first-come, first-served basis. Hosts/co-hosts receive email and text notifications when their guests click on the hosts’ meal post to join meal. Guests receive confirmations with meal details and host addresses. Because we're in the pilot phase, there are built-in functions/notifications on Meal Shraing's standard platform that we need to work with (i.e. guests entering credit card info upon checkout -- UCSC guests are not charged anything but asked to donate after meal; UCSC hosts setting up payment method --- N/A because all meal proceeds go towards UCSC)

WHAT NEXT?  We hope our guests become inspired to donate time, talent, and funds to the UCSC to sustain and expand our civic engagement programming and to make a greater impact. The suggested donation after the meal is $20 via this secure UChicago link. Our goal is to raise $20K by June 2017.  

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