Philanthropy consists in increasing the well-being of humankind by offering charitable aid or donations to a social-change-focused community-based organization.  In recent years, philanthropy has also come to include socially responsible investing, in which wealthy individuals and corporate entities choose to invest their wealth in ways that reflect their values for society.

Philanthropy has recently become a topic of study in a number of fields.  UChicago offers classes that consider it from the perspectives of business, public policy, sociology, education, theology, and social service administration.

The University also offers a number of funds that exist to philanthropically support students' social ventures.  UCSC administers one of these, the Community Service Fund (CSF).  To learn more about applying for CSF funds to support your social venture or community-serving initiative, visit the CSF page on the UCSC website.

Off-campus, there are many charitable foundations (and charitable giving divsions of for-profit corporations) based here in Chicago that make regular and massive contributions to a wide array of social enterprises, at the neighborhood, regional, and national scale.  Students interested in exploring internship opportunities with philanthropic organizations should contact Xavier Ramey, UCSC Senior Assistant Director for Social Innovation and Philanthropy.