UCSC Advisory Board

Purpose Statement

The University Community Service Center (UCSC) Advisory Board informs and advises UCSC on carrying out its mission. Board members serve as ambassadors of the office, promote and support UCSC’s events and activities, and inform the staff of ways to continue to align its work with the needs and goals of the greater community, both on and off campus.

Member Responsibilities

  • Articulate and advocate for the priorities of key constituencies of UCSC (undergraduate and graduate students, University staff, faculty, community members, alumni);
  • Suggest opportunities for partnership with on- and off-campus initiatives related to UCSC’s work;
  • Relay information discussed during board meetings to interested parties both on and off campus;
  • Serve as a resource to potential constituents seeking information about UCSC;
  • Attend all three board meetings, 5:30-7:30 PM, during the academic year at the UCSC;
  • Attend at least 2 UCSC events during the year as representatives of UCSC and also to learn first-hand about our offerings;
  • Provide feedback and input on UCSC’s programs, events, resources, and services;

Board Composition

  • The 16-member Advisory Board represents UCSC’s key constituencies: 
  • 4 undergraduate students;
  • 4 graduate students;
  • 2 faculty members;
  • 2 campus colleagues representing other University offices;
  • 2 community partners;
  • 2 alumni.

The UCSC Advisory Board meetings will be convened by the UCSC Director.  Additionally, one professional and one student UCSC staff member will participate and serve as scribes at each meeting on a rotating basis.

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