Chicago Bound 2018 Application

In addition to responding to all of the items below, please write essay responses (200-250 words) to the following 3 questions in a separate document.  Upload this document below as a PDF and label with your first and last name on page 1.

Short Essays (200-250 words each)

1.  How has the place where you have grown up (neighborhood, town, city, country) influenced or challenged your beliefs or worldview?    

2.  Discuss a social issue you care about—any issue confronting the world, United States, your hometown, neighborhood, or family that makes you want to take action!    

3.  Share a quote, image, song, film, or book that you find inspiring.  How does this piece speak to your interests and motivations in service and/or community engagement?  Please include a URL that links to or references your piece.    

Questions? Please contact UCSC Assistant Director Chris Huff at

Applicant Information

Your file should be in PDF format. Label your first and last name on first page of responses.