Summer Links 2017: Student Application

Application Deadline:  Monday, January 23 (Week 4)

The application consists of four parts. Please submit your information below.

1.   Applicant Information

2.   Résumé (1 page) - Upload as PDF, with file named as your first and last name.

3.   Three Essays (250 to 300 words) - Upload as one PDF, with file named as your first and last name.  Please ensure that your first and last name appear on each page of your responses.  Please respond to each of the following prompts:

— Summer Links is a mutually beneficial program experience.  What do you hope to gain through your participation?  What do you hope to contribute to other students in the program, and to your potential internship host site?  If you have previously applied to Summer Links, please briefly address your personal growth since your last application.

— Please describe a challenging situation in which you chose to push your personal boundaries.  In what ways did the experience change your assumptions or perceptions?  What did you learn about yourself?  What did you learn about others?

— Which of the following activities most interest you as a method of achieving some type of social change and why?

  • Voter registration drives where voter suppression laws have been passed;
  • Being a program officer at a charitable foundation, overseeing $2 million in youth education grants to worthy nonprofits each year;
  • Working as a Community Reinvestment Act officer to disperse $500 million in funds from a major bank to provide low-rate mortgages to marginalized communities;
  • Serving as a public officer at the Chicago Mayor’s Legal Counsel, providing perspectives on how city policies will affect poor communities and advocating to the City Council;
  • Volunteering twice per week as an after-school tutor;
  • Working with local community activists to use forms of direct action and protests to highlight inequities in municipal funding to under-esourced communities;
  • Writing weekly letters to Congress on behalf of a group of injured veterans asking for more funding for the local veterans hospital.

4.   TWO Recommendation Letters.  UCSC accepts letters from employers, housing staff, teachers, volunteer and internship supervisors, Summer Links program alumni, religious and community leaders, and peers.  Recommendations from faculty members are helpful, but you should have at least one letter from someone who knows you in some capacity outside of your academic life.  Recommendations from family members will not be accepted.  Please have your recommenders visit this page for instructions on writing and submitting their letter.  The letters must be uploaded by Monday, January 23, 2017.  

(1 page) – Upload here as PDF; name the file with your first and last name.
(250-300 words each) – Upload here as one PDF; name file with your first and last name.