UCSC's work is supported by a team of full-time professional staff members and part-time graduate and undergraduate student interns.  Click on any staff person's directory listing for more detailed information.

Adri Barnett

Intern for Community Service Resources & Advising

Jacksonville, Florida

College 3rd Year, Psychology & Sociology

Passionate about refugee rights, education, homelessness

Caleb Cole

Intern for Operations and Events

Columbus, Ohio

College 3rd Year, Public Policy & Statistics

Passionate about Black Lives Matter, education access

Nan Denette

Graduate Intern for Communications

Springfield, Virginia

MA Candidate in Religious Studies

Passionate about healthcare access, community health and education

Mariam Elmalh

Intern for Chicago Studies - Urban Engagement

Costa Mesa, California & Tanta, Egypt

College 4th year, Fundamentals: Issues & Texts, Political Science

Passionate about racial justice, education, inter-faith dialogue 

Miranda Grayzel-Ward

Intern for Engage Chicago

Oxford, Mississippi

College 2nd year, Public Policy & Sociology

Passionate about housing, education, criminal justice

Katie Hill

Intern for Summer Links

Salem, Oregon

College 4th year, Public Policy

Passionate about education and mental health

Katelyn Howell

Graduate Assistant for Grads on the Ground

Moores Hill, Indiana

SSA Candidate, 1st year

Passionate about gender based injustice, education, domestic violence and abuse advocacy

May Huang

Intern for Chicago Studies - Communications and Arts Partnerships

Hong Kong

College 4th year, English Literature & Comparative Literature

Passionate about education access, improving literacy, social discrimination, and immigration

Gabe Hull

Intern for Engage Chicago

Evanston, Illinois

College 2nd year, Religious Studies

Passionate about climate, homelessness, food insecurity

Susie Schoenrock

Graduate Assistant for Student Organizations

Edgar, Wisconsin

SSA Candidate, 1st year

Passionate about economic inequality/poverty/welfare programs, education access, school segregation

Asha Smith

Graduate Assistant for Seeds of Justice

Indianapolis, Indiana

MA in Teaching, Urban Teacher Education Program 

Passionate about education inequity, NAACP advocacy

Nicole Tang

Intern for Communications

Palo Alto, California

College 2nd year, Economics & Visual Arts

Passionate about sexuality issues, health inequity, and access to education

Faryn Thomas

Intern for Operations and Events

Chicago, Illinois

College 2nd year, Psychology

Passionate about women’s rights, mental health rights, and children’s rights

Keirsha Thompson

Graduate Assistant for Chicago Studies Experiential Learning Initiatives

Tucson, Arizona

SSA Candidate, 2nd year

Passionate about health, indigenous rights, education

Mateo Uribe Rios

UCSC Graduate Assistant for Open Exchange

Berwyn, Illinois

SSA Candidate, 2nd year

Passionate about undocumented immigrant rights, anti-oppressive/popular education, reimagining masculinity

Renee Wah

McLean, Virginia

College 4th year, Geography & Public Policy

Passionate about urban development, housing, criminal justice

Imani Wilson

Graduate Assistant for Community-Based Immersions

Lincoln, Nebraska

SSA Candidate, 1st year

Passionate about intergroup dialogue, education inequality, decolonial knowledge

Jin Yoon

Intern for Federal Work-Study

Torrance, California

College 2nd year, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, concentration in Asian American studies

Passionate about immigration reform, educational equity, affordable housing