Spring 2022: Afternoon Tea with UCSC

Afternoon Tea UCSC

New for Spring Quarter 2022: join us for Afternoon Tea with UCSC!

Afternoon Tea with UCSC is a weekly series exploring the hot tea in the world of civic engagement and “social justice.” The informal structure of roundtable tea is intended to build community among participants and support robust discussion of topics like gatekeeping through social justice language and CTA etiquette, supplementing more traditional, lecture-style learning about these types of topics. Various afternoon tea sessions will feature guest speakers/facilitators, brief learning portions, and will always prioritize space for student voices and community discussion. Both student and community members alike are welcome to join us.

We will provide afternoon tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sparkling lemonade, croissants, macrons, muffins, and other light, afternoon tea-like snacks.

Check back often for more event details and registration links!

Friday April 15th, 3:00pm – 5:00pm – Afternoon Tea at UCSC 
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Accountabili*tea* in Language: Working with a Social Justice Vocabulary
Have you ever felt you didn’t belong in a space because you weren’t familiar with the shared language? In contrast, have you ever felt the need to dig certain words out of your vocabulary to show that you did belong? Come sip tea (or your beverage of preference) with us, as we explore how to remove gatekeeping and virtue signaling as barriers to our actual language-usage goal—connecting us to one another and to potential solutions.

Friday April 22nd – Earth Day Panel (12 -2pm)
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Please join UCSC as we hear from a dynamic panel of leaders in environmental justice, discussing themes of community, sustainability, and collaboration. This invigorating, interactive experience is designed to help you gain insight on being an active stakeholder in the Chicagoland area. Panelists will be announced soon. Lunch will be provided.

Friday April 29th, 3:00pm - 5pm - Afternoon Tea at UCSC
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VolunTEAring: Best Practices with Volunteerism
How confident do you feel about your volunteering habits? What guides your choices in where you volunteer and what you aim to contribute? What do you do when you or fellow community service members lose motivation to volunteer? On this Friday’s installment of Afternoon Tea with UCSC, we will discuss these questions and dive into some volunteering best practices by sharing and listening to each other’s experiences over tea, coffee, and snacks!

Friday May 6th, 3:00pm - 5pm - Afternoon Tea at UCSC
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CommuniTEA Partners Best Practices 
Working with community partners is one of the very best ways to get involved in the community outside of the UChicago bubble, learn about policy, community, and other big topics of interest, and have a real impact during your time as a student. However, it is often difficult to know the best way to go about securing a community partnership, maximizing the partnership, and managing expectations that the partner might have. Being on the leadership team of an organization that works with community partners new dimensions of complexity; how can you ensure the community partner is not let down if students don't show up to an event? How do you effectively manage the partnership as one leadership team transitions out, another transitions in, and summer leaves a gap in communication? During this installment of Afternoon Tea with UCSC, we will discuss these topics as we dive into some best practices for working with community partners.

Friday May 13th, 2:30pm - 5:00pm – Engage Chicago: South Shore
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To help students better engage the city, we are excited to announce our Engage Chicago series! This is a partnership between the University Community Service Center, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation, in which we will take treks to different communities around the city, eat at local restaurants, and learn directly from some of the community leaders in that area.

To start the series this spring, we will be visiting South Shore on Friday, May 13th, 2022, from 2:30-5pm. Join us for free, delicious food as we learn about the history of South Shore, what makes it special, what challenges it is facing, and what these local leaders hope for the future of their community.

Friday May 20th, 3:00pm - 5:00pm - Afternoon Tea at UCSC
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CTeA: Transportation Best Practices in Chicago
How do we physically enter into the communities surrounding the University? What assumptions do we bring? How do we behave? Are we consciously thinking about how we represent the University of Chicago's attitude towards the South Side more broadly, in our small interactions with community members at the Hyde Park Trader Joe's, or on the CTA? We have lots to discuss this Friday, May 20th, so bring your thoughts and a willingness to engage critically, and we'll bring the tea.

Friday May 27, 3:00pm - 5:00pm - Afternoon Tea at UCSC
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Afternoon Study Break
It's reading period! Stop by for friendly conversation, afternoon tea/coffee & snacks, and ***maybe*** a community partner guest appearance.

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