20 for 20 Pledge

In celebration of its 20-year anniversary of being founded by First Lady Michelle Obama in 1996, and to build a deeper culture of civic engagement for the next 20 years, UCSC invites members of the University community to consider the question:

What can YOU do in...

20 seconds?  20 minutes?  20 hours?
20 days?  20 weeks?  20 months?

...to become more civic-minded and civically-engaged?

Make a 20 for 20 Pledge!

Need some ideas?

In 20 seconds, you could

  • Post, Tweet, or comment on an article or image that boosts awareness of social justice topics relevant to you and your community
  • Donate money to a worthy cause that you believe in, on the street or over the internet

In 20 minutes, you could

  • Listen to a podcast or read an article to learn more about a social justice issue
  • Send an email to a local elected official about an issue or piece of legislation you care about

In 20 hours, you could

  • Participate in all of UCSC's 20th anniversary events for a single quarter
  • Spend one weekend day per quarter exploring Chicago's diverse neighborhoods using the CTA

In 20 days, you could

  • Volunteer with a community organization two weekend days a month for an entire academic year
  • Take a quarter-long academic class focused on civic engagement or social issues to boost your skills and re-shape your thinking

In 20 weeks, you could

  • Use two quarters of your Federal Work-Study award to work for a nonprofit organization in the community instead of on-campus
  • Devote two summers to internships focusing on political engagement, human rights, or community-based research

In 20 months, you could

  • Dedicate your BA Thesis research to exploring a pressing social issue with a community partner organization
  • Join the board or junior board of a local nonprofit organization

Got it? NOW make a 20 for 20 Pledge!