Saturdays of Service

In 2016-2017, as part of UCSC's 20th Anniversary celebration, each Second Saturday of Service will be aligned with the First Friday Social Change Forum monthly social justice topic, so as to provide volunteers with hands-on exposure to community organizations that are working to address that month's issue. These Days of Service will also serve as entry-points for continued engagement as volunteers or Federal Work-Study students.

UCSC and the Frizzell Family Speaker and Learning Series are excited to be collaborating on the Saturday, April 8th Day of Service with community gardens. Part of an ongoing community engagement effort by the UCSC, the Day of Service offer students opportunities to participate in service centered around monthly themes. 

The April theme, Health & Environment, aligns with the mission of the Frizzell Series to develop and promote programming on campus and opportunities related to the environment, agriculture, and health. This year, the Frizzell Series is focusing on food security, and is excited to engage students in service work related to the environment and food, particularly in the context of school and community gardens on the South Side of Chicago. In addition to the April 8th Day of Service, the Frizzell Series is hosting Sam Kass (AB'04), a Hyde Park native and food entrepreneur who served as a White House chef in the Obama Administration, as the Keynote speaker at the University of Chicago Zero-Waste Earth Fest on April 22 (Earth Day). Together, we hope that the April 8th Day of Service will increase student participation in community gardens, raise awareness of local sustainable foodways, and build momentum for the Earth Fest and continued action. 

Saturday, April 8th Day of Service Agenda

  • 10:00am-10:10am  Volunteers meet at the School of Social Service Administration (969 E. 60th St. by Campus South) for brief overview 

  • 10:10am-10:30am   Volunteers travel from campus to service site (walk or by chartered van from Hyde Park) 

  • 10:30am-10:45am Introductions, and instructions at service site  

  • 10:45am-12:15pm Service project 

  • 12:15pm-12:30pm Debrief with organization 

  • 12:30pm-1:00pm Volunteers return to campus from service site (walk or by chartered van)

Please click here to register as a volunteer by noon Friday, April 7.