New Programs for Spring Quarter!

Music Tfw

Want ways to stay engaged while learning and working remotely? The University Community Service Center has launched three new initiatives to foster community during social distancing: "tfw.." Playlist, the Civic Engagement Virtual Trivia Challenge, and Sewing for Good.

"tfw.." Playlist

In this time of uncertainty and isolation, UCSC is introducing a new weekly way to stay connected with us and each other! Every week, with your help, UCSC staff will curate a Spotify playlist that speaks to the needs and experiences of our current moment.

Our goal is simple — create playlists that build community, expand musical horizons, spark conversation, and help us find beauty during difficult times. For those unsure, “tfw” or “that feel when” will guide our weekly themes. The first theme is “tfw…you’re stronger than you ever imagined! 

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Civic Engagement Virtual Trivia Challenge

The University Community Service Center, Neighborhood Schools Program, Chicago Studies, and Community Programs Accelerator are teaming up to create the space for some friendly virtual competition! Categories include math/science, history, pop culture, sports, Harry Potter, memes, and more!

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Sew Now What?

Join us for a bi-weekly mask-making tutorial led by Kiana Hobbs, our Communications Intern. She will walk you through the steps for making DIY masks as set by recommendations from the CDC. UCSC will then support the shipment of masks to local community partners in need!

The first session will be hosted this Friday, April 24th from 6 pm-7:30 pm and you can RSVP here to attend!

Keep an eye on the events calendar to learn about upcoming sessions!

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