MAPSCorps Project Expands to New York City

MAPSCorps, the community assets mapping project, will expand to New York City this summer. MAPSCorps (Meaningful and Productive Science in service to communities), started when researchers with the Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago asked community leaders how they could work together to apply the tools of science to improve urban health.

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Study Chicago Quarter Concludes Pilot Run

What would it take to build a fully immersive, study abroad-style program right here in Chicago? That’s the question Chicago Studies, a partnership between UCSC and the College, dealt with last year. For the first time this Spring quarter, twenty undergraduates immersed themselves in Chicago through three classes, taught by distinguished teachers expert in the subject of Chicago’s history, culture and policy debates.

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Summer Links Gears Up for 19th Year

Each summer, UCSC allows undergraduate students at UChicago interested in community engagement to further their work over the summer as part of the Summer Links 10-week social justice education and internship program. By matching students with organizations across the Chicagoland area focused on social change efforts and offering students a competitive $4,000 stipend, the program has been a consistent success in connecting students with opportunities in various sectors.

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