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The University Community Service Center (UCSC) was founded as a University office by Michelle Obama in 1996 and is today part of the Office of Civic Engagement.

2,000+ students participate in UCSC programming in partnership with 250+ Chicago organizations per year

UCSC prepares students to become productive, thoughtful citizens and inspiring leaders in their communities and professions. We provide a platform for students to engage in service and social change opportunities that complement UChicago's rigorous academic experience. We also encourage students to explore Chicago and make meaningful connections with diverse communities throughout the city. Along with short or long-term volunteer opportunities, we support students by providing access at multiple domains such as social justice education programs, civic focused summer internships, non-profit employment, and Chicago centered experiential leaning.

Akanksha Shah student
Akanksha Shah
Maroon Tutor Match

Akanksha Shah ‘17 wanted a flexible work opportunity that aligned with her passion for education and with her UChicago class schedule. She couldn’t find one that fit the bill … so she worked with t...

claire sampson student
Claire Sampson
Neighborhood Schools Program

Claire Sampson ’19 has spent a lot of time in a lot of classrooms during her time in Chicago. Of course there were her classes at the University, where she double-majored in neuroscience and psycho...

Devshi Mehrotra

It always bothered Devshi Mehrotra, SB/MS’19, that less than a third of her peers majoring in computer science at UChicago were women. “There simply isn’t enough representation of women” in the mos...

Jose Heredia college advising corps
Jose Heredia
University of Chicago College Advising Corps

Not so long ago, Jose Heredia wasn’t sure where – or even if – he would be able to go to college. Now, he’s an undisputed pro, guiding hundreds of students through the college admissions process. ...

snvc debate it forward
Leah Shapiro and Josh Aaronson
Debate It Forward

Leah Shapiro’s six-year-old cousin gets credit for inspiring an innovative, award-winning nonprofit — and UChicago gets credit for helping bring the idea to life. When her cousin began to throw the...


“Information is power,” says Andres Alvear, executive director of MAPSCorps. An independent nonprofit organization that grew out of UChicago research, MAPSCorps trains youth to use the tools of sci...

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