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The University Community Service Center (UCSC) was founded as a University office by Michelle Obama in 1996 and is today part of the Office of Civic Engagement.

2,000+ students participate in UCSC programming in partnership with 250+ Chicago organizations per year

UCSC prepares students to become productive, thoughtful citizens and inspiring leaders in their communities and professions. We provide a platform for students to engage in service and social change opportunities that complement UChicago's rigorous academic experience. We also encourage students to explore Chicago and make meaningful connections with diverse communities throughout the city. Along with short or long-term volunteer opportunities, we support students by providing access at multiple domains such as social justice education programs, civic-focused summer internships, non-profit employment, and Chicago centered experiential learning.

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Akanksha Shah student
Akanksha Shah
Maroon Tutor Match

“Maroon Tutor Match helped me learn to work with people — not just students and families, but tutors as well — who were very different from me and had different priorities and struggles. Getting a better understanding of where people are coming from is invaluable.”

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claire sampson student
Claire Sampson
Neighborhood Schools Program

“As an NSP volunteer, I felt that I was in classrooms to build relationships with students and teachers and schools. It’s all about those 35 kids and what they need, whether that means helping a teacher prep curriculum work, grading papers, or working with a student one-on-one.”

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Devshi Mehrotra

“It is only when individuals from diverse backgrounds are equipped with digital skills that they will be able to craft technological solutions for the communities they belong to.”

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esi koomson
Esi Koomson
University Community Service Center

Supporting organizations that support the South Side through UCSC, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the area, has been a meaningful way for Koomson to stay connected to her community and join forces with like-minded peers who care about making a positive impact, even if engagement this year has been largely virtual.

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Jose Heredia college advising corps
Jose Heredia
University of Chicago College Advising Corps

“It’s a lot of work, but it also allows me to draw upon a wide range of situations and prepares me for a population with diverse needs."

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snvc debate it forward
Leah Shapiro and Josh Aaronson
Debate It Forward

“Polsky gets the right people into the room. We’ve talked with a host of people — venture capitalists, food engineers, education nonprofit consultants, tech experts. Getting ideas from other perspectives has been a real benefit.” - Josh Aaronson

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